Space for the ICT Community

Albania’s ICT ecosystem has seen significant growth in recent years, with the emergence of supportive education programs, communities, and support networks. Entrepreneurs and startups are driving innovation and developing solutions to meet global and local needs. The government is also playing a crucial role in increasing access to ICT through strategic vision and market liberalization.

The Pyramid of Tirana will play a central role in fostering this thriving ICT ecosystem by housing start-ups, coding academies, and ICT small and medium size companies with the purpose to boost the tech industry in the Albanian ecosystem. It will serve as a hub for exchanging ideas and visions, providing a public forum for everyone to share and gain knowledge.

The project is unique in terms of services and scope of activity and the target audience has withdrawn the attention of several international telco companies, and audiovisual media who will have expressed commitment to run their activities inside the pyramid, launch innovation theatres, and centers indoor and outdoor the pyramid. Their presence will consolidate the tech community exposing youth to learning opportunities and boosting the tech ecosystem in diversifying the type of services for all ages. With a variety of functions and events, the Pyramid will be a hub of activity 24/7.

The transformation of the Pyramid into an open ICT ecosystem is a demonstration of how a building can be adapted to meet the needs of a new era while preserving its rich history.