TUMO Tirana

The AADF, with the support of the Municipality of Tirana, has partnered with TUMO in Yerevan, an Armenian educational non-profit to prepare Albania’s teens for the 21st century by providing skills essential for success. TUMO Tirana is a cutting-edge after-school center for youth aged 12-18, where students can explore their passions in various digital disciplines. TUMO Tirana brings innovation to the educational field of Albania, far from the traditional methods of learning in a classroom by providing three unique learning modes – independent self-learning, classroom-based workshops, and collaborative learning labs – to ensure that every student is challenged and has the opportunity to grow.

TUMO’s innovative Path program is a personal learning plan that evolves with each student’s progress and can span two or more years. TUMOians complete projects, level up and develop their skills while creating a living portfolio that showcases their achievements. TUMO’s goal is to empower teenagers to reach their full potential in fast-growing industries, broaden their horizons, and develop a professional and civic value system based on communication, teamwork, initiative, trust, and self-confidence. Join TUMO Tirana and unleash your potential!

ICT Ecosystem

Albania’s ICT ecosystem has seen significant growth in recent years, with the emergence of supportive education programs, communities, and support networks. Entrepreneurs and startups are driving innovation and developing solutions to meet global and local needs. The government is also playing a crucial role in increasing access to ICT through strategic vision and market liberalization.

The Pyramid of Tirana will play a central role in fostering this thriving ICT ecosystem. It will serve as a hub for exchanging ideas and visions, providing a public forum for everyone to share and gain knowledge. With a variety of functions and events, the Pyramid will be a hub of activity 24/7.

The transformation of the Pyramid into an open ICT ecosystem is a demonstration of how a building can be adapted to meet the needs of a new era while preserving its rich history.


Art plays a crucial role in fostering creativity, sparking conversation, and inspiring new perspectives. The opportunity to share and exhibit one’s work with the public is crucial for artists to bring their vision to life and engage with their audience.

At the Pyramid of Tirana, we are dedicated to fostering the arts in Albania and providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with their community. With a diverse range of exhibitions, events, and programs, the Pyramid will serve as a hub for the arts in the country, providing a space for artists to share their ideas and connect with new audiences.

By exposing members of the public to a wide range of art and artists, the Pyramid will not only support the growth of the arts in Albania but also provide opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment. Whether you are an artist or simply a lover of art, the Pyramid of Tirana is the perfect place to be inspired, connect, and create.