Space for the Arts and Culture Community

The Pyramid of Tirana is set to be the premier destination for the arts and culture scene in Albania. The dedicated art space will feature a “Media Literacy House” equipped with a media lab that offers “Learn by Doing” courses and workshops on various forms of media production and analysis, including television, radio, podcast production, graphic design, editing, and website development. The lab will support all cultural activities within the Pyramid.

The Pyramid also provides ample exhibition space for visual arts, which is an underrepresented discipline in the country. With workshops, studios, and ateliers, the Pyramid will provide a platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with the public. The community spaces, such as conference rooms, libraries, and concert halls, will host various events and activities, including concerts, festivals, Ted Talks, and workshops.

The Pyramid is also committed to supporting the growing film industry in Albania and will feature a movie theater, archives, editing space, and rehearsal rooms for the film-making community to express themselves and have a broader impact on society. With ample space for rehearsals, recordings, and concerts, the Pyramid will provide young artists with opportunities to perform and showcase their talents to the general public. Whether you are an artist or simply a lover of art, the Pyramid of Tirana is the perfect place to be inspired, connect, and create.”