The AADF, with the support of the Municipality of Tirana, has partnered with TUMO in Yerevan, an Armenian educational non-profit to prepare Albania’s teens for the 21st century by providing skills essential for success.

TUMO Tirana is an educational, afterschool program, where students, ages 12-18 years old can expand their creative and analytical skills in 8 different disciplines: Programming; Animation; Game Development; Graphic Design; Filmmaking; Music; Robotics and 3D Modelling.

TUMO Tirana brings innovation to the educational field of Albania, far from the traditional methods of learning in a classroom. The center is enabling teens to attain the 21st-century skills imperative for success and allows them to broaden their horizons in those fields.

TUMOians create their own personalized learning plans utilizing a virtual environment designed to facilitate the multifaceted curriculum. At TUMO Tirana, they are given the tools and know-how they need to reach their maximum potential through hands-on activities, workshops, and projects.

There are three modes of educational process taking place in TUMO:

  • Self-learning
  • Workshops
  • Learning labs